Living History

Each year the all-volunteer Salute to Veterans Corporation offers a "Living History" Program in conjunction with the 6-Day Annual Memorial Day Weekend Salute to Veterans Celebration. It is an opportunity for true heroes to visit classrooms, school assemblies, Civic Clubs; Scout Troops; Local Organizations and veterans' and nursing homes, and hospitals to share their experiences.

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As they arrive in Mid-Missouri, we will match members of the Tuskegee Airmen, the WASP (Women Airforces Service Pilots), military pilots and crews of military aircraft; members of military parachute teams; pilots of vintage aircraft; Honored Guests (distinguished men and women of the military, some active duty, some retired) with a request for a visit and presentation.

Priority for schools will be given to middle, junior high and high schools and upper elementary. The best times are Thursday and Friday (until 3:00 PM). A few guests may be available on Wednesday, subject to their arrival times.




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