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U.S. Air Force Performance Lab + Thunderbird                 visit their websiteTop of Page
The Air Force Performance Lab is an augmented reality experience that immerses visitors in the “Sci-Fi” world of the United States Air Force. Visitors explore areas of Air Force expertise via 3D computer graphics, videos, audio, and digital downloads. There is even a full-size F-16 Thunderbird display under the custom inflatable hangar. Along the way visitors discover the many roles the Air Force plays in today’s military as well as several of the career opportunities they can pursue. Each visitor is given a handheld device where they can experience all of the amazing things the Air Force does through the cutting edge technology of Augmented Reality. Visitors are also able to download unique content in the form of wallpapers, videos and ringtones to their cell phones or email.

U.S. Army Adventure Semi-Trailer                 visit their websiteTop of Page
The Aviation Semi incorporates several interactive exhibits. You can explore diversified aviation careers the Army offers, or be immersed into a helicopter mission as you experience the sights, sounds and smells in the Army Aviation Immersadome. Aviation Semi Features Include: Apache Flight Simulator, Kiowa Warrior Flight Simulators, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Simulator, Ammunition Display, Air Warrior Display, Two Immersa Domes With Three Scenarios, and Army Careers (CNAV) Kiosks.

US Air Force Reserves Recruiters Trailer                  visit their websiteTop of Page
(details coming soon, please check back...)

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